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Review on Diamond HP200AV Powerline Internet AV Kit–by Ron Burke

March 13, 2012 Reviews 4 Comments

The review is a great read—very informative and practical. Some highlights:

“With the box unpacked it was time to see if setup is as simple as they suggest…Amazingly, it seems that my work was done.  Movies immediately spun up and streamed with almost no buffering time.  I brought up Hulu and other streaming applications including Pandora and found similar results – somehow this device just worked.  No configuration, no disc to run, no changes to make – just plug it in and you are done…

“I set up some transfers between my laptop and her desktop.  As I’d come to expect by this point, the device performed perfectly under pressure…

“The Powerline adapter works exactly as promised, delivering fairly close to the promised speeds (marketing misnomers aside), and was as simple to set up as had been promised.”

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Currently there are "4 comments" on this Article:

  1. Harry says:

    Great that no networking knowledge is require to install it , just “ease of use”

  2. Joe says:

    Liked the product , no configuration needed dats best part in this just plug it in and you are done

  3. Samuel says:

    Diamond MM Powerline Internet AV Kit is really a useful and great kit in today’s generation, it also saves the time for any configuration

  4. Kenneth says:

    features which are said in products are the same which they delivered me , truly awesome product !

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