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The Much Awaited Release of Diablo III on May 15

May 7, 2012 Gaming No Comments

The dark world of Sanctuary was saved from the demons Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal two decades prior by a group of unnamed heroes in Diablo II. These demons roamed the world of Sanctuary in order to capture and enslave all of humanity. Archangel Tyrael rewarded the heroes after having survived the onslaught of the armies of Burning Hells, but World Stone which protected the inhabitants of Sanctuary has been destroyed and evil once again wanders through Tristram. Now it is all up to the next generation of heroes in Diablo III to fight the forces of evil that now threaten Sanctuary.

There are five distinct character classes in Diablo III through which players can play and gather items of power, special abilities and spells as they explore both the new and familiar parts of Sanctuary and enter combat with demons. The plot in Diablo III revolves around the Black Soulstone and the Lesser Evils and Belial. The world of Sanctuary is now very different ever since the destruction of World Stone in Diablo II and is now divided into two continents with many small islands.

The game is the next offering from Blizzard Entertainment. Like the previous game in the series, multiplayer gaming is facilitated here in Diablo III as well, and players can access this by going to Via this, players can easily toggle between, drop out and come back into cooperative player sessions with others.

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The game promises extremely varied and interesting experiences by way of an enhanced quest system that includes class-specific quests and main storyline quests, along with proposed random level and encounter generators; and all this is in addition to the static levels of the game.

The game is slated to be released on May 15, 2012, and promises endless engaging gameplay to its fans.

Max Payne 3

April 20, 2012 Gaming No Comments

The tale of the New York City Detective continues with Max Payne 3. Memories of his gruesome past still continue to haunt him while he works as private security for an affluent industrialist in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Gangs target the family of this industrialist and he must undertake a direct confrontation and battle the forces to ensure the safety of his clients. On a more personal level he is also looking to banish the demons of the past that have long plagued him.

A game of courage and pure adrenalin, Max Payne 3 at first tends to surprise with its multiplayer experience, as Max Payne’s story is hinged on immense personal strife and tragedy which he endeavors to cope with. A single player style narrative with a multiplayer gaming experience—this game offers what would otherwise seem like a paradox, but the two work in great synergy to make the gamer want to come back for more. The game offers unmatched levels of customization and the user experiences a superb sense of control.

For the multiplayer experience, the game has a new mode called “Gang Wars, ” where the objectives are standard multiplayer type. However, the force is not on the story but to highlight the drama, as each round of challenges builds upon the story and achievements of the precious rounds. The objectives remain connected and a voiceover by Max himself ties it all together. These objectives border upon individualism and inter-dependence such that no one team can dominate the other.

The player is offered an extensive range of realistic and state of the art weaponry and sophisticated “Bullet-Time mechanics.” In addition to this, the player is enthralled by “bursts” which are special abilities that are unlocked as the player accumulates XP. You can fling yourself through the air and this enhances the multiplayer further.

This is one game that all Max Payne fans have been waiting for. For the yet to experience a Max Payne game—this is the right place to start your journey!

Alan Wake–The Next Psychological Thriller Game For PC

March 29, 2012 Gaming 7 Comments

Hot on the heels of Max Payne comes another psychological thriller—Alan Wake is set to be released in North America on April 3 and it promises a punch. It’s the boxed version for PC that’s about to be released and comes with two downloadable episodes, The Signal and The Writer—true to a boxed version style game. It’s the TIME Magazine game of the year and is BAFTA nominated! Everyone should have a go at this!

Vice President of Legacy Interactive, Steve Wall, says,

“We are thrilled to be bringing such an iconic title to North American retail…I have been a longtime fan of Remedy’s work. Max Payne was a true masterpiece and Alan Wake follows in its footsteps as a brilliant feat of storytelling and innovative gameplay.”

The story is along these lines—the bestselling author Alan Wake wants to get away from ‘writer’s block and goes off to a small town called Bright Falls. However, his wife goes missing and all of a sudden he finds himself living the story of a thriller he cannot even recall having written! There is a stalking Dark Presence in Bright Falls and in his search for his wife he finds himself pushed to the edge of reason and rationality.

Alan Wake - Psychological thriller action game

Full of action-packed sequences and true TV series style suspense building, the game promises its players deeper and gradually intense levels with multiplying complexity in plots and situations. Though he must put to use a variety of weapons, it’s only the Fight With Light combat technique that can help!

The game comes with a set of customizable options like the “hide HUD” and lots of customizable graphics settings. With a high end graphics card like the AMD Radeon HD 7970 the game promises a thriller gaming experience like no other!

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